Parenting with gumption and grit: 52 Must-read tips for anyone who has ever loved a child enough to want to influence their future

On May 14th, 2019 I released my first book. It is a book on parenting. I know. Who does that?

No one wants to fall out of relationship with their kids. It’s easier when they are little to stay engaged with them because they require so much physical presence. On the other hand as they get older and become more self sufficient, being in relationship with our children can be a slippery slope. IF we haven’t been laying the groundwork and investing in our littles in the years prior, we will pay the price when they become “big.” This book teaches us lovingly and gently how to invest in our kids at every stage of their life from 0 to young adult. But not only that, when you read tips like “Do the Next Right Thing,” we are reminded that it is never too late. There are all kinds of voices around us and inside of us quick to feed us lies about what is possible and what is not when it comes to growing or reconciling relationships. This book is practical, truthful, and hopeful. Just check it out. Available on Amazon, B&N, and Target. Or just click on the Shop Now button below. After you read it, come back here to share comments, questions, or disagreements. I love dialogue. Differences of opinion area always welcome. So let’s get the conversation started. We will all be the better for it.
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