Parenting With Tunnel Vision

The danger of losing perspective in parenting is a real thing. The negative impacts can be long lasting.,….

During my years in law enforcement, there was this thing called tunnel vision. This phenomenon was so dangerous that we attended mandatory trainings to help define, assess, and avoid it. 

Tunnel vision can happen like this: An officer makes a traffic stop or perhaps executes an arrest warrant. Because of the chaos of the ensuing moments, they get tunnel vision. They become laser focused on one thing and one thing only, completely unaware of what else is going on around them or what else is impacting their situation. Their peripheral vision is closed off. It’s as if they are in a tunnel. 

You can imagine how dangerous that could be for an officer and their partner. The end result could be frustration, loss of life, or, in the very least-case scenario, failure to execute the task at hand and achieve the desired outcome. 

So often in life we get tunnel vision in parenting. 

We freeze up. We focus on only one option, which clearly is not working to reach our goal. We get tunnel vision because of the stress involved and consequently, because we are so zeroed in on what we want but nevertheless cannot accomplish. We keep doing that thing which does not produce the outcome we desire. Creativity is stalled and our vision is blurry….

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