Teenagers: the challenges, but oh the joy!

I recently published an article on Christianparenting.org about the importance of making deposits into the emotional banking accounts of your teenagers. We are certain to make our share of withdrawals, either out of necessity (unforeseen cancelled plans, assigned chores; necessary discipline) or else unnecessarily, out of the abundance of exhaustion. For instance, sometimes we just miss important cues from our kids because we are human. So we don’t hear them when they are seeking our attention or else we don’t say or do the right things at the right time. We have all been there. The point is we will be making those withdrawals, both the should and the should nots. So then, It’s so very important we are making deposits. Click on the link below to keep reading this important principal that could help you immensely in navigating those formidable years of your teenager’s life. And in the end bring you more joy than perhaps you could have ever imagined.

Published by Christian Parenting.org on June 16, 2020

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