Top 10 advantages of being married to an airline pilot

Paul and Katie Ann
Paul and Katie Ann


My pilotTop 10 advantages (laments?) of being married to a commercial airline pilot:

10. When he’s gone 3 days- home 1-gone 3-home 1-gone 3-home 1-the phrase “one night stand”  isn’t really a bad thing!
 9. Showering is over rated
8.  The girls don’t mind frozen pizza for dinner.
7.  I have full command of the tv remote (if I only knew how to use it)
6.    (Refer back to #10) it’s hard to ever stay mad about anything.
5.  I can say “now when the airplane does this or that, what’s going on exactly?” And he always knows.
4.  I’m married to a guy who loves to travel. (good because I am a travel queen)
3.   I’m a sucker for a guy in a uniform.
2.   We have income and the satisfaction of knowing he loves his job!
1.   Family Pass Travel!!

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